Thursday, August 26, 2010

FOR WRITERS: Pitch your book to my editor!

Today my editor at Sourcebooks Publishing, Deb Werksman, is taking pitches of your book, and offering a free critique at: Here are the details:


Back by popular demand!! Another pitch session with me!

This time, I'm asking for ONLY the pitch for your HOOK.

Pitches should look like this :[Subgenre] Example: historical/paranormal romance trilogy [2-4 sentence hook]

Example: Regency England is the glittering backdrop for the noble and the undead, where the gentlemen vampires are high sticklers. They would never bite a young lady to whom they had not been properly introduced! The first book features battle-born Scottish witch Blaire whose fearsome powers don't help her at all when she falls in love with charming vampire Lord James Kettering, until the pair discover the power of love to re-awaken even the deadest of hearts...

[author history] Example: Lydia Dare is a bestselling writing team with 4 paranormal historical romances being published.Another example: X is a debut author with 5 unpublished manuscripts written.Another example: Y is a multi-published author of 9 books and 3 novellas with top e-book publishers.

Private pitches (to my email address will only get a "yea" or "nay" response--only public pitches will get any form of critique.

All critiques will be done by Friday, September 3.


PS You may also send full submissions to me directly at

Please send full synopsis and full manuscript.
I am looking for: *single title romance in all subgenres *about 90,000 words *series and trilogies: please give me a paragraph or two on each of the next few books

Editorial criteria: *a heroine the reader can relate to *a hero she can fall in love with *a world gets created *a hook I can sell with in 2-3 sentences *the author has a career arc (in other words, if the readers love this book, what do we sell them next, and next, and next?)

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