Tuesday, October 26, 2010

German Edition Covers...

I had some readers ask about the German editions of my covers for Enchanting the Lady and Double Enchantment, and so I'm sharing them here today. I have laid out the cover for each book side by side, and I think it's fascinating to note the differences in presentation to a foreign audience. I was so thrilled that my books translated to another language, to be read by people who live in a different culture, to reach a country I can only hope to visit some day. There is something awe-inspiring about my stories touching the lives of people I've never met. And one thing that never occurred to me when I started writing: that I would make so many new friends, even in other countries where I did not speak the language.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A favorite quote from THE FIRE LORD'S LOVER...

I received the nicest email from a reader, and she shared with me her favorite line from THE FIRE LORD'S LOVER, which I thought I'd share with you today:

"Sometimes our dreams are all that we have to protect us."

Here's wishing that your own dreams protect you from the sometimes harsh realities of our lives,

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

For Writers: My Journey of sales to inspire you.

I started out writing short fiction before tackling an entire manuscript. I had published several short stories in small press SF/F publications, honing my writing skills in shorter fiction and establishing publication credits. I had a fantastic experience with SF/F editors, who were all so willing and helpful in providing feedback on my stories. When I made my first ‘pro’ sale, to Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Sword & Sorceress series, I felt that perhaps I was now ready to write an entire book. I do recall that MZB accepted that first story (a romantic fantasy titled Spirit Quest—you can read all about it in the Short Stories page on my website) by sending me a letter and contract through the mail. I also recall that my knees gave out and the couch was (fortunately) beneath me at the time.

I then wrote my first manuscript, Beneath the Thirteen Moons, a combination of SF/F and romance, all the things that I love. And I had a devil of a time selling it. There was no umbrella of Paranormal Romance at the time, so no one knew how to market it. I received rejections from SF/F houses that said “too much romance”, and rejections from Romance houses that said “too much fantasy”. I finally found Five Star, a small press house, whose editor at that time, Russell Davis, was actually looking for the type of story I had written. He called--my knees only wobbled this time--and Beneath the Thirteen Moons was released in hardcover. I was very na├»ve at the time, and Russell gave me the best piece of advice: join RWA. I then spent the next year or so learning about the ‘selling’ of books, creating a website, exploring marketing opportunities, etc. And the best part, meeting other writers.

Because of my difficulty in selling my first manuscript, I then wrote a historical romance titled My Unfair Lady, and I did manage to interest an agent with that manuscript. But the entire time I was writing it, I kept thinking: “What if?”

What if the titles of the nobility were based on magical talent? What if Merlin actually had magic in his blood, and passed it down to his descendants? And despite the market, I wrote the book of my heart, combining the research I did for my historical romance novel along with the fantasy that I just couldn’t resist weaving into my stories.

I shelved My Unfair Lady, pursuing (what turned out to be) the first book in my magical new series, The Relics of Merlin. I sold book one, Enchanting the Lady, to my first mainstream publishing house. Now by this time, ‘paranormal’ romance had become a good seller, and although my books are fantasy romances, publishers knew how to market them. And that they would have an audience. I wrote two more books in the series when I was approached by another publisher.

I’m going to circle back to that historical romance manuscript, My Unfair Lady. Besides launching into a new series, The Elven Lords, another magical variation on historical England, my new publisher wanted to look at everything I had written.

My Unfair Lady was published in December of last year, and received a starred review from Publishers Weekly and a Library Journal editor’s pick. My first book, Beneath the Thirteen Moons, is re-releasing December of this year in mm paperback. Remember, these are two books that were rejected by just about every publisher under the sun, once long ago. So based on my publishing experience I can offer this advice: nothing you write is ever a ‘waste’, writing is subject to personal opinion and the whims of the market, continue to write the book of your heart regardless of the market, cause this business is always changing.

And for me, I feel as if I’ve had more than one ‘first sale’. I’ve had many of them, sometimes circling back on one another. And although my knees don’t give out anymore, each time I see my book hit the shelves I experience that same thrill.

I hope my publishing journey inspired you in some way, and if I can offer any advice or support, please feel free to leave me a comment.

My Magical Best,

Saturday, October 16, 2010

A lovely note from the winner of my last contest...

From: Susan W
Subject: Chocolate necklace
Date: Thursday, October 14, 2010, 6:25 AM


I hope this finds you well. Sorry I've been delayed in getting back to you, but I've been away from a computer a few days. As to the necklace.

I usually save the good mail for last when I get back in the house, but I ripped into the package first thing. When I opened the box, I passed the "ooooo" test, the first thing I uttered, then that it was just lovely. Of course, I was talking to my cats, as they are interested in my mail, even if it's just waiting for me to crumple and throw. Okay, I talk to myself a bit, too. The necklace sparkled, just the right length to wear, the pendant was neither too big or small and, to me, was a mixture of traditional with just a touch of contemporary design. I thought it was beautiful. And, of course, I love chocolate diamonds, well, most anything chocolate is hard to resist, but mix with diamonds, a hard to beat combination. My co-worker was also waiting for it to arrive and she thought it was beautiful. I can wear it casual or a little bit more dressy, love it.

Thanks so much for the opportunity to win this and for pulling my name. My mom was the one to win door prizes and such, I don't have her golden touch. So, it's a really thrilling event for me.

With much appreciation,


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Win $240 in prizes--New Contest for BENEATH THE THIRTEEN MOONS

To celebrate the re-release of BENEATH THE THIRTEEN MOONS in mass-market paperback, I am offering three opportunities to win the original hardcover first print edition of the book. Currently valued at close to $80.00 for a used edition on Amazon.com, the total prizes being offered is close to $240.00 or more, as these copies are brand new and signed by the author, and copies are limited.There are three ways (categories) to enter:

1. Send an email with CONTEST in the subject line to: kathryne@kathrynekennedy.com and tell me what was your favorite scene in THE FIRE LORD'S LOVER, and why.

2. If you are one of my newsletter subscribers add NS to CONTEST in the subject line (answering the same questions). I will hold one drawing for all entries, and another drawing for ONLY those entries with NS in the subject line, as a special bonus for my newsletter subscribers.

3. I am offering another copy to thank those of my readers who have shown such support for my books by commenting on my blog, posting a review, commenting on my guest blog tour, mentioning my books on any public forum, etc. Just send an email to: kathryne@kathrynekennedy.com with SPECIAL READER in the subject line, and let me know where, when & what name you posted the comment under.

A winner will be randomly chosen using RANDOM.ORG. Your information will be kept confidential. Contest ends November 30th, 2010. Only one entry per each category. Void where prohibited by law. You must be 18 years or older to enter. No prize substitution permitted. Odds of winning are determined by number of entrants. This contest is subject to all federal, state and local laws and regulations.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wacky Weather!

Yesterday we had a hailstorm come out of nowhere and pound the Valley of the Sun here in Arizona. The day before, we had our normal temperature of close to 100 degrees, and then a hailstorm lowered the temp by half and started out with pea-sized hail, and a few hours later, graduated to golf-ball size. Our two office windows were shattered, along with both skylights, and after checking the roof, we also realized that we are likely going to have to get it replaced, it was so beat up. These are the times when you're grateful to have insurance! Anyway, just sharing a few pics today of this unusual event, as I've lived in Arizona for more than thirty years and have never seen the like.
I'm hoping my friends did not get hit too severely, and that this storm is not traveling along to other states and causing more damage.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Prinny Dood!!

If you have no idea what that phrase means, trust me, thousands of kids do. My son recently went to a ComicCon convention, and his friend made him this costume. Apparently this is some penguin anime character from a video game called Disgaea.

I had no clue who the character is, of course...
but apparently the kids at the anime convention had no difficulty in recognizing the character. Shouts of "Prinny Dood!" abounded. Girls hugged him (err, by report, some of them were hot). They asked to have their photos taken with him. One guy even asked for a glomp (translation: tackle hug).

He was like Mickey Mouse at Disneyland...only more popular.

If you saw a cute guy in a sexy car driving with a penguin in the passenger seat yesterday, yeah, that was my kids. They received honks & thumbs up signs.

My home is often filled with lots of laughter.
I wish the same for you.