Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Meet Puppy #2: Champagne!

A couple months back I adopted a new puppy from http://www.homeanimalrescue.com/litter1.html#top. I named her Pikachu (Yes, from the Pokemon game my son loves). A mix of Chihuahua and some mystery breed, I proceeded to fall in love. And Pikachu proceeded to find joy in being spoiled rotten. Problem was, my old dog couldn't handle a bouncing, playful pup, and would growl at Pikachu every time the puppy came near. And I couldn't blame either one of them. My poor old Baggins needed a comfy snooze and three meals. Pikachu needed...someone to play with. I mean, I tried, I truly did. But I couldn't play with her 24-7, I have to work. And despite the fact that I work from home, I knew my Pikachu was lonely.

You know what's coming next, right?

Having all these thoughts in my head, I did a crazy thing and walked into a pet store (NO puppy mills here, all the dogs are from reputable breeders) and saw the scrawniest, scraggliest little Yorkshire Terrier. Despite all the other fluffy, pretty little puppies, I named her Champagne, and took her home.

How can I even describe the joy on Pikachu's face when I brought that quivering bundle home? There was no hesitation, just a few inquiring sniffs, and then like me, Pikachu fell instantly in love. And I truly think that dog thinks Champagne belongs to her, not to me (although I'm the one who stayed up half the night when Champagne caught reflections of herself and me in the big mirror. I took her close to the mirror and showed her it was just us, but dang if she didn't keep freaking. I think it was new environment nerves, cause she's been just fine ever since.)

Anyway, those two puppies play constantly. They pick a toy to fight over and then chase each other around the yard, just for the sheer joy of running. And even though Champagne is so tiny, she's a scrapper, and keeps up with Pikachu just fine. And even though Pikachu is bigger and heavier, she has never hurt Champagne, even when they get to REALLY tussling.

I do find time to be alone with Champagne, to love on her without Pikachu barging in and dragging her away to play. And I find time with Pikachu, so she knows she's still my first pup.

But the two of them together are just magic. And despite having three dogs for the first time in my life (I have always said I only have two hands to pet 'em, so I can only have two dogs at a time) I have never regretted that split moment of craziness that brought Champagne home.

As Always,
My Magical Best,

From Left to Right: Champagne, Pikachu, and Baggins.