Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Musical Journey through THE ASSASSIN’S LOVER #ebook, By @KathryneKennedy

When I first started writing THE ASSASSIN’S LOVER I knew I had a difficult task. The world of THE ELVEN LORDS is a magical land, and because of this my characters find themselves in an unusual situation, but the feelings had to be real. The heart and soul of my two characters had to be exposed in just one night, and the blossoming of love had to be felt.

In just one night.
In most of my books love grows over time, through a sharing of thoughts and actions; that tell my two characters they are meant for each other. But this story was different…I had to somehow take my characters through situations that could reveal their hearts and souls enough to fall in love in just one night.

I have written several blog posts where I go on a musical journey, by finding songs that portray scenes from my books, and so I go to Youtube and search for lyrics with the key words I am looking for, and to my surprise (although I guess I shouldn’t have been) I found many songs that talk about falling in love in just one night. Or at least, the blossoming of true love.

These songs cover many genres (much like my reading habits) and I hope you find one you enjoy, especially one that captures the feelings evoked in you by reading THE ASSASSIN’S LOVER.

I think both my hero and heroine would feel this song in each of their hearts. 

It’s what I tried to capture in THE ASSASSIN’S LOVER.

This song I think would apply more to how my bemused hero was feeling.

First time I’ve heard this song, and its theme fits my story so well!

This one gave me goosebumps, and I think reflects more on how my heroine would be feeling in my story. He sings opera-style…and check out his cravat!

This is one of my favorite songs, his voice is whiskey soft, and his loneliness echoes in this contemporary setting.

There are many more songs along the theme of falling in love in just one night, but I will have to limit it to these six, as it would take forever to post them all! But you’re welcome to mention any that you feel may also capture the heart-rending story of THE ASSASSIN’S LOVER.