Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I've just recently posted this to my website, and thought I would share it here. I enjoy doing book videos. It's a way for me to put my creativity into something visual, and although it's hard to find eighteenth century pictures, it's even harder to find those combining the fantasy element. So I took a bit of each, and alternated them for the video.

I think I should call this a teaser, because unlike most of my videos, it does not go into the detail of the plot, because I had to intro the series as well. But I wanted it short, as close to sixty seconds as I could get, but with enough information to provide a good idea of the book. So for a quick break into fantasy, here is The Fire Lord's Lover:


  1. just read tha novel and it was great! the plot was enthralling and the world exceptionally built. i'm curious as to when the second book - the lady of the storm - will come out. please let us readers know!!

  2. Hi Mary!
    So very glad you enjoyed The Fire Lord's Lover, and I'm thrilled that you're looking foward to the next book. I will announce it as soon as I have a firm date, but I believe it currently is scheduled for release in spring of 2011. I'm turning it in early though, so perhaps it might be quicker. :} Thank you so much for your interest, it makes me excited to write the books, when I know readers are excited to read it.