Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Romantic Times Convention...and Mr. Romance!

I'll be attending the Romantic Time's Book Lovers Convention in Orlando, Florida, from April 22-26, 2009. You can read more about this fabulous reader's event here: http://guest.cvent.com/EVENTS/Info/Summary.aspx?i=D5EAF74A-2974-4576-90AD-F1E39D41E9F4

Here's my schedule of appearances that I've worked out so far:

On Thursday, April 23, from 8:00 pm to 12:00 am, I will be attending the Faery Ball as part of the Faery Court. I will be a Seelie (one of the good faeries ;}) and will be dressed as a Victorian Faery inspired by my Relics of Merlin series. You can meet all the fae, good & bad, here: http://www.thefaerycourt.com/faerycourtindex.html

On Saturday, April 25, I will be signing books at the Giant Book Fair from 11:00 to 2:00 pm.
On that same day, from 5:00-7:00 pm I will be attending the Mr. Romance competition (more about that below!)
Then from 8:00-9:00 pm I will be at the Dorchester Authors Mixer
And then from 9:00 pm to until-I-keel-over I'll be at Dorchester's Splashing by the Shore Dance Party

Now, a bit about the Mr. Romance contest. Dorchester Publishing is again sponsoring this competition, where one lucky winner will have the opportunity to model for a Dorchester romance cover. The models will be portraying the heroes from several books...and my hero from Enchanting the Beast (book 3 in the Relics of Merlin series) has been chosen! This is my very first RT conference, and how wonderful it will be to see my hero brought to life. I can hardly wait!

Here's the mini character write up I did for the model:

Sir Nicodemus Wulfson
Basics: Goes by Nico. Wears Victorian clothing: Black frock coat, waistcoat, black trousers and boots, all a bit worn and frayed. His cravat is often undone and just slung around his neck with his white linen shirt half-buttoned. He rarely wears a hat. His hair is long and often shaggy, slung over his forehead and eyes, as if to hide his thoughts from others.
Nico info: Nico is a were-wolf, whose beast enjoys the thrill of the hunt and the taste of his kill, which often worries the man. He swims nude in moonlit glades and is more comfortable in the forest than his own castle. He goes after what he wants with single-minded ruthlessness. He cannot be tamed, but he can be gentled, and the right woman for him will have to meet his predatory gaze without fear.


Enchanting the Beast will be released around the time of the RT convention, and hot off the presses from my publisher.

I was already incredibly excited about attending my first RT, and now I'm just over the moon! If you live in Florida, or are attending the event yourself, I do hope I meet you there!


  1. I was at RT and had a great time. I thought the model who portrayed Sir Nicodemus was one smoking werewolf!

  2. LOL! I totally agree, Nightingale! Thanks so much for leaving me a comment. Best wishes!