Monday, March 9, 2009

Another Advance Review for ENCHANTING THE BEAST

Series: Relics of Merlin
Author: Kathryne Kennedy
Publisher: Dorchester Love Spell
Release Date: May 1, 2009
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Victorian Fantasy Romance
ISBN 978-0-505-52764-6

One returns to magical Victorian England in the third book of the Relics of Merlin series—ENCHANTING THE BEAST and the beast here is the classic were-wolf and alpha male at that.
Were-wolf Sir Nicodemus Wulfson, the Baronet of Grimspell Castle convinces ghost-hunter Philomena Radcliff to visit his castle to help his troubled brother. It is revealed that Nico’s grim home is haunted by ghosts who’ve recently become angry and were venting their feelings on the sensitive Royden Wulfson. It takes all of Phil’s considerable power to find the cause of the disturbance even as she is enthralled by the much younger Nico’s animal magnetism. To add to the confusion is the fact that the gorgeous Nico is rumored to have killed his fiancĂ©e in the enchanted woods that surround his castle.

While the entire book is wonderful and filled with interesting shape shifters my favorite scenes in the book involved Phil’s spirit guide Tup, the ghost of a London street kid. Tup’s scenes are adorable and very entertaining—be it his interactions with Phil, his playing with the tenant farmer’s children, or his tireless effort to help Phil and Nico find the final piece of the puzzle haunting Nico’s home and brother!

What’s truly awesome is the climax of the book. Phil faces down not only a monstrous but also many ghosts to retrieve the powerful relic of this tale—a truly awesome moment in the never-ending power struggle between good and evil. The headiness of control over vast resources is mind-blowing. That scene is Kathryn Kennedy’s best writing yet. One can feel the power and the enormity of the choice before Phil.

ENCHANTING THE BEAST is a definite keeper! Don’t miss it and don’t miss the other 10 future books of this series for if the first three books are any indication the rest will definitely keep the reader enthralled and enchanted!

Reviewed by Raakhee Suryaprakash
Writers and Readers of Distinctive fiction (URL

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