Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Can you guess what these photos all have in common?

Well, unless you've read my Casablanca Group blog post from a few weeks ago, I think you might have a hard time believing what these photos have in common. I took them at the Phoenix Art Museum, hoping to have some royalty-free pictures to use for marketing (you are welcome to copy these and use them as well).

Got it? Well, I was surprised myself when I saw the photos and realized you couldn't tell they were all...miniatures. That's right. Even the chandelier and painting...both are about the size of my thumb. The Phoenix Art Museum has a miniatures exhibit, where each room is a replica of what you would see in that particular era/country. The pictures above are all around the 1800's, a few are French, but most are American/English (whose drawing rooms did not display a whole lot of difference, since Americans tried very hard to copy the English.) Since every item in the rooms are accurate to the Victorian era, you're welcome to use these to decorate your blog or whatever (I'm thinking I may use a few for my next video.)
Hope you enjoyed them as much as I did!

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