Monday, June 27, 2011

Publishers Weekly gives lovely review to THE LADY OF THE STORM

The Lady of the Storm
Kennedy follows July's The Fire Lord's Lover with a slower-paced romantic fantasy set in a medieval England that has been invaded by evil elves from another world. Wholeheartedly devoted to the human rebellion, Giles Beaumont reluctantly agrees to guard Cecily Sutton, the daughter of a human woman and an elven lord. Cecily is the Rebellion's secret weapon, but all she wants is to live quietly like a human. As the war heats up, Cecily is forced to learn how to control the magical abilities that terrify her. Giles tries to resist his attraction to Cecily, but soon the two are deeply in love. Fantastical creatures, magical spells, lengthy quests, angst, and passion will satisfy readers looking for a romance plot in a well-developed fantasy setting. (Aug.)

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