Thursday, October 8, 2009

Eighteenth century research for The Storm Lord's Daughter

The Elven Lords books are historical fantasies, and although I tweak the world into an alternate universe of magic, I do ground myself in the history of the time, and do quite a bit of research on the period. It's what I'll be doing over the next few days, which many times, helps to add to my story and my characters. The elven lord in The Storm Lord's Daughter resides in Bath, England, so I've been researching that area and found a lovely book in the public domain called The New Bath Guide (printed in 1789) which is a pocket guide for those visiting Bath for the first time. It's one of several amazing resources compiled by The Beaumondes, a group of writers who share their extensive research (it has a search feature). Here's the URL:

And although I've already studied the clothing of the eighteenth century for The Fire Lord's Lover, I like to add a bit more detail with each book, so here's one more site I'll be visiting over the next few days (although I have to warn you, it may be too much information):


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