Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Fire Lord's Lover

I finished The Fire Lord's Lover, book one in my new series, The Elven Lords, and it's out to my CP's now. The world is set, the rules are made, and now I'm brainstorming book two. Today I'm looking at titles. I don't always come up with one before I write the book. Sometimes I'll find a good title within the narrative. But I like to start with a title for inspiration, especially since I start with just a glimmer of an idea for the plot. So I googled my two choices: The Storm Lord's Daughter and Daughter of the Storm. The first one got 8 hits (looks like D&D stuff--perfect!) and the second pulled up 8 million. Makes it easy; I like titles as unique as my books. Working title for book two is: The Storm Lord's Daughter.

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