Monday, December 16, 2013

Booklist gives EVERLASTING ENCHANTMENT Starred Review!

Issue: December 15, 2013

*       Everlasting Enchantment.
Kennedy, Kathryne (Author)
Dec 2013. 384 p. Sourcebooks, paperback, $7.99. (9781402269912).
Underneath Victorian London lies a labyrinth of tunnels and caverns housing a shadow city, the only home Millicent Pantere, a were panther, has ever known. All members of the nobility possess magic, from the all-powerful queen to the less-gifted shape-shifting baronets. By holding hostage the only person Millicent loves, Duke Ghoulston forces her to go above ground and into London society to find a mysterious relic upon which Merlin cast a revengeful spell centuries earlier. She discovers a group of ladies who are hoping to be the one that the relic, a bracelet, will cleave to and at midnight bring the man of her dreams into her life for a night of exquisite lovemaking. The man who is imprisoned in the bracelet’s stone is Sir Gareth Solimere, of King Arthur’s Round Table, who made Merlin a cuckold. For centuries his fate has been to make love to each woman who dons the relic, looking for his own true love to break the spell. The latest in Kennedy’s The Relics of Merlin series (Double Enchantment, 2013) features exquisite world building, making this richly imagined adventure appealing to fantasy fans and romance readers.
— Diana Tixier Herald

Author Note: Big hug, Diana! :}

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