Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Photos of the Desert Dreams Conference 2012

Today I'm sharing all of my photos (well, those that weren't blurry, I'm not the greatest photographer) of the Scottsdale, Arizona writer's conference. I always have such a wonderful time connecting with other writers and people in the industry, and I always learn something new. I truly enjoyed mentoring the winner of the drawing (waving to Vickie, who came all the way from Texas), and we spent hours together talking craft and creativity. I made even more new friends, and that's always something to treasure. I think I really needed the conference this year to recharge my creative spirit (other writers seem to exude creative excitement) and it is always such a relaxed, friendly, sharing environment that it never fails to inspire me.
Fellow Sourcebooks author Nina Benneton and Kathryne Kennedy, standing beside the poster of Nina's book cover.
Shelley Corriel, Erin Quinn, Kathryne Kennedy, Donna Del Grosso.
Connie Flynn smiling by in a packed room at dinner.
My dear friend Tina McCright, and KK in front of the podium.
The woman behind the conference, Susan Lanier-Graham, who made it all run so smoothly, with KK.

Writer's Extraordinaire, Erin Quinn and Gini Koch.

A new friend! Erin Kellison & Kathryne Kennedy at the booksigning.

Two lovely writer friends, Alexis & Helen King.

Kathryne Kennedy with her roommate and partner-in-creativity, the super talented Erin Quinn, standing in front of the posters of our book covers. (Which, BTW, we signed and donated to the Arizona Dreaming reader's conference, to be raffled off to readers attending the event.)
Pat McCright, super volunteer, adoring husband to Tina McCright, and all-around amazing hero.

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