Tuesday, February 28, 2012

One of the last chances to win a free copy of THE LORD OF ILLUSION

Tomorrow is the last day of my blog tour, and two copies of THE LORD OF ILLUSION are up for grabs. Visit me at:




As Always, Good Luck!



  1. I got an email saying I won one of the signed copies from the earlier blogs ^.^ I'm so excited! Even though I already read (and LOVED) TLoI it will be really cool to have a real book too (not that e-books aren't real books, but you know what I mean).

    At first I was confused about the ending being, well, the end, but I think you pulled everything together really nicely. I guess you can always go back and fill in the blanks too if you want, but I just wanted to say that I think it was wonderfully done :)

  2. Great to hear, Alyssa! I had a three book contract for this series, and did not want to leave my readers hanging in case another project arose. Sure glad I did, as my publisher is re-releasing the Relics of Merlin series, and wanted me to write a brand new fourth book (which I happily did). And now I've got a new world calling to me, and it's really hard to ignore. :} I do plan on going back to my Elven world one day. I would love to explore the adventures and love stories of the other scepters that were stolen...and then there's Malcolm, lost and bereft in his drastically changed world...I can't seem to shut the door permanently on any series, but I wanted my readers to have the satisfaction of knowing that the sacrifices of Dominic, Cassandra, Cecily, Giles, etc. were not in vain.
    Always love hearing from you!