Monday, August 22, 2011

Lynda Scott, Tamazon, M Breakfield, Sia McKye, Linda Banche & Harriet Klausner review THE LADY OF THE STORM

"While this is a second book in the series, it's important to know that it will stand alone quite nicely...although you'll probably want to get the first book, The Firelord's Lover (another fantastic book).

Kathryne Kennedy has done an excellent job of describing the setting and creating a villainous group of beings that are simply malicious or insane or both. She has a deft hand combining fantasy with historical story and romance so seamlessly that the reader is never jarred out of the special world she's created. For those who love fantasy romance, Kathryne Kennedy is a MUST read."

"Enter Ms. Kennedy’s lush, powerful and magical world for the second time in The Lady of the Storm...Ms. Kennedy is my go to author for fantasy romance and the The Elven Lord's series is a keeper!"


"THE LADY OF THE STORM is an enjoyable fantasy romance with plenty of adventure and complex and intriguing world building. Ms. Kennedy creates an awe-inspiring world, which draws the reader in and keeps the interest high throughout. Giles and Cecily make a wonderful couple, who must overcome, not only physical obstacles but emotional ones, in order to be together. At first, Giles doesn't consider himself, the son of a blacksmith, good enough for Cecily. The class distinction means little to Cecily, who must overcome her own insecurities. Just when it seems these two can, finally, be together, they are torn apart and must struggle to be together.

Filled with spectacular descriptions and imagery, THE LADY OF THE STORM makes a great read for the lover of fantasy romance, and I highly recommend it. The next book in this series can't come out soon enough!"

"Kathryne’s ability to take history as we know it and add a twist to create an alternate world is amazing...

Ah, a young woman scorned and a reluctant protector must overcome their hurts and work together with the rebellion to find Cecily’s adoptive father, capture Breden’s power scepter and destroy him. It becomes a tempestuous love story between two strong-minded people set against the backdrop of intrigue, magic, and incredible danger."

THE LADY OF THE STORM is a great read for those who love epic fantasy romance

Sia McKye's Reviews

"Ms. Kennedy has created another fascinating blend of history and magic in the elven kingdom of Dewhame. Merging magic and mores, she again captures Georgian sensibilities against the background of a world of magical wonders. And the magical water wonders are indeed wonderful and fit seamlessly into the story.

But The Lady of the Storm is also a study of heroism. Giles and Cecily, so human in their determination to seek their desires, achieve heroism and their yearned-for love when they finally accept the roles fate has thrust upon them.

Another fine effort from the master of historical magical romance."

Linda Banche

"The latest Kathryne Kennedy Georgian romantic fantasy (see The Fire Lord’s Lover) is a fabulous tale that deftly provides an alternative historical England in which Elven Lords brutally rule. The story line is leisurely paced as the relationship between the lead couple evolves while they flee from a persistent lethal adversary. Sub-genre readers will enjoy a trek into the Kennedy realm."

Harriet Klausner

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