Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Top Ten Reasons to fall in love with my hero, General Dominic Raikes from THE FIRE LORD’S LOVER

Reason Number Ten:
He lives in a magical eighteenth century England, where seven elven lords rule with the power of their scepters. Dominic is a half-breed, with enough elven blood to make him beautiful…and deadly. He lives with forbidden secrets, a Rebellion determined to destroy the elven lords, mysterious dragons, deliciously dark desires and a world ruled by the pageantry of the era, where only the strongest love can prevail.

Reason Number Nine:
If you love tortured heroes, you’ll fall in love with Dominic. Fearful of his growing magical powers, his father has tested him with fire since he was a lad. His father destroyed anyone that Dominic ever loved, forcing Dominic to become very, very scarred…and to isolate himself emotionally from others.

Reason Number Eight:
If you love arranged marriages, you’ll enjoy the budding relationship between Dominic and his assassin bride, Lady Cassandra Bridges. Dominic needs a wife to breed a new champion, and Lady Cassandra seems the perfect choice. But what he doesn’t know is that the convent taught her more than how to be a proper wife—the Rebellion secretly trained her as an assassin to murder his father.

Reason Number Seven:
Dominic is scarred because at his very core, he has a heart too gentle for the world he was born in. It will take some time for you to uncover the true man beneath his hard-won defenses, but the most difficult challenges are often the most gratifying.

Reason Number Six:
He is a military man, with the proud bearing and the authoritative manner of a general…and a champion of the elven war games. Most of the time you will find Dominic in velvet black clothing, a sword at his side, a black cloak billowing behind him.

Reason Number Five:
His best friend and confidant is a dragon.

Reason Number Four:
He’s an elven half-breed, which means he has the beauty of the elven with the heart and soul of a human. He possesses strength and stamina beyond an ordinary man’s, which means he has never known a woman that he couldn’t satisfy.

Reason Number Three:
Dominic is different than your run-of-the-mill hero. He has long thick white-blond hair, with the silver sparkle of the elven lords. He has midnight black eyes, faceted like jewels, a face that resembles an archangel’s but a devilishly delicious mouth. Lustrous skin over a graceful muscular frame hardened by battle. And pointed ears. Adorable, pointed ears.

Reason Number Two:
His magical gift is fire. There are several levels of fire magic that he has inherited from his father. The white, which is cold and harmless. The blue fire, which can heal. The red that burns powerfully and the neutral gray that creates an impenetrable wall. And then there is the yellow, which is gently warm against the skin and can be crafted to resemble anything he can imagine. He can play it like a musician can play an instrument…aah, what Dominic can do with yellow fire…

And the Number One Reason to fall in love with Dominic is:
He’s so incredibly addictive, like your favorite candy bar. You will long for just one more bite.

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