Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How to Talk to a Dragon

My step-by-step guide to speaking with Kalah, my blue dragon in THE LADY OF THE STORM:

First you have to find him. It’s a good bet that he’s perched in the highest point around, and in Dewhame Palace, that would be in one of the towers. In THE ELVEN LORDS series, there are seven realms created by the elven lords, and each has their own primary magical power and dragon-steeds. For the sovereignty of Dewhame, Lord Breden rules with the power of sea and sky, and his blue scepter is linked with his dragon-steed, Kalah. So it’s going to be wet up there in this dragon’s tower, with water flowing down the walls of the palace and lightning occasionally trickling from Kalah’s snout. Wear your most water-proof mantua and wooden shoes.

Show no fear, or the dragon will think you are prey and will eat you. (Just kidding. Kalah prefers a nice haunch of beef to the bitter taste of humans.)

If the dragon is sleeping, don’t wake him up. (This time, I’m not kidding.) Like dogs, they prefer a good nap to just about anything else. You don’t need to make a sound to let him know of your presence, for he smelled you long before you could see him. Be patient; if he wants to talk to you, umm, it’s his choice.

Try excessive flattery. Kalah is prone to personal vanity, and with scales that glimmer like sunlight on turquoise waves, he has a bit of a right to be.

Try not to get frustrated. Kalah has a twisted sense of humor, and his own hidden agenda, and will often speak obtusely and answer your questions with a remark that might not seem even remotely connected.

As much as you might be tempted, do not ask for the dragon to give you a ride on his back. He would consider it rude.

Kalah will be able to read what’s in your heart. Be careful that you truly want the answers to any questions you may ask.

If the dragon hasn’t already ended the conversation by flying away, thank him for his time and back toward the tower doorway, because if he does launch, you’ll need to be prepared for the gust of wind from his wings.

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