Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A sneak peek at the cover for THE LADY OF THE STORM

I just had to share the preliminary cover for book 2 in THE ELVEN LORDS series, THE LADY OF THE STORM.

If you recall from book 1, THE FIRE LORD'S LOVER, Lady Cassandra and Thomas rescued a young girl named Cecily. This is her story, along with Giles Beaumont, a man twice cursed, once with a blood-hungry sword, and later...well, I'd like to keep that a surprise. Cecily is the elven half-breed daughter of Breden, the elven lord of Dewhame with the power of sea & sky, and she inherited those magical powers, although it will take her some time to come to terms with her abilities. But this is part of the reason I adore this cover, which captures the lightning she can command, the sparkles of magic, the ethereal feel of the images that capture the style of the story inside.

I only had a few recommendations: I'd love to see a pointed elven ear poking through Cecily's hair, Giles's hair must be the elven white, and I'm not sure about the color of my name, I think it captures attention but jars a bit. What do you think?

Anyhoo, I hope they don't change the cover too much, cause I really love it! And I hope you will love the story inside as well!

And I should note: the book doesn't release until August 2011...but I'm hard at work on book 3, LOVING THE LORD OF ILLUSION, so you won't have to wait as long for the next story. :}


  1. Kathryne, it's beautiful! Very evocative. I do like your suggestions about the elven ear and the white hair. :) And to be honest, I didn't notice the color of your name until I read your concern about it. So I'm not sure what to suggest about that!

    Donna Cummings

  2. Hi Donna! My brilliant publisher came up with a solution: my name will be in gold foil. Won't that look lovely? They also sent me the changes for the elven ear and white hair, and I'll post them as soon as I get a chance. Thanks a million for your input! :}

  3. Hi Kathryne!

    Finished reading the rest of your books and loved them!!! I agreed with your suggestions about the above book cover (I really dislike it when the cover doesn't match the story), but otherwise it's lovely. I also like the idea of putting your name in gold. It will stand out without looking to awkward! I can't wait to read you upcoming novels! Keep them coming, I can't get enough!

    Best Wishes Lyndsey!!!

  4. Hi Lyndsey! Thank you so much for stopping by to say hello, and so glad you like the cover. How wonderful that you've read all my books! I will do my best to keep them coming. :} Such a pleasure to hear from you, truly.

  5. I am so glad I discovered your wonderful new series! I can't wait for book 2! I really like this cover, but it looks different then the one they put on the inside cover of Beneath the Thirteen Moons paperback I just bought today (can't wait to get home & read this!). It has a white haired elven lord on the cover of it- are you deciding between the two? It would be neat to keep the cover above although seeing both of their faces would be cool as well. I am so glad to hear there is even a third installment in the series :).

  6. Hi Angelica! So great to hear from you! It's exciting to know that Beneath the Thirteen Moons is already showing up in some bookstores! The cover for The Lady of the Storm inside that book was a preliminary cover, but since this book is focused on the heroine, my publisher worked on an entirely new concept for it, capturing the magical power of the storm that my half-elven Cecily wields. I love this cover much, much better. :} I'm so glad you're looking forward to a third book, because I'm hard at work on Loving the Lord of Illusion. Thanks so much for visiting me!

  7. great cover Kathryne! You'[ve gotten some fantastic ones for your books, and the Sourcebooks covers are absolutely amazing! Definitely think Giles hair needs to be white and we need to see Cecily's pointed ear too. Can't wait to see the new version of the cover.

  8. Hi Kelley! Great to hear! I can't wait to see the final cover, and I'll post it on my blog as soon as I do. :} Thank you much for taking the time to leave a comment. So terrific to hear from you!