Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wacky Weather!

Yesterday we had a hailstorm come out of nowhere and pound the Valley of the Sun here in Arizona. The day before, we had our normal temperature of close to 100 degrees, and then a hailstorm lowered the temp by half and started out with pea-sized hail, and a few hours later, graduated to golf-ball size. Our two office windows were shattered, along with both skylights, and after checking the roof, we also realized that we are likely going to have to get it replaced, it was so beat up. These are the times when you're grateful to have insurance! Anyway, just sharing a few pics today of this unusual event, as I've lived in Arizona for more than thirty years and have never seen the like.
I'm hoping my friends did not get hit too severely, and that this storm is not traveling along to other states and causing more damage.

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