Sunday, October 3, 2010

Prinny Dood!!

If you have no idea what that phrase means, trust me, thousands of kids do. My son recently went to a ComicCon convention, and his friend made him this costume. Apparently this is some penguin anime character from a video game called Disgaea.

I had no clue who the character is, of course...
but apparently the kids at the anime convention had no difficulty in recognizing the character. Shouts of "Prinny Dood!" abounded. Girls hugged him (err, by report, some of them were hot). They asked to have their photos taken with him. One guy even asked for a glomp (translation: tackle hug).

He was like Mickey Mouse at Disneyland...only more popular.

If you saw a cute guy in a sexy car driving with a penguin in the passenger seat yesterday, yeah, that was my kids. They received honks & thumbs up signs.

My home is often filled with lots of laughter.
I wish the same for you.


  1. Oh how fun! First, I'm amazed at this costume. Someone made it? Wow! Second, I've never heard that saying, but I think it's so funny how each generation has their own sayings and things that are so recognizable to them, but makes no sense to someone from another generation. I used to have a word or phrase that I said, can't remember what it was now, but I finally stopped when the kids kept saying, "Mom, no one says that anymore."

  2. LOL, Anita. Just consider it this way: our kids keep us young and hip. :} So lovely to hear from you!