Sunday, June 6, 2010

FOR WRITERS: Proofreading Service

I'm passing along a note I received from a reputable reviewer who is branching out in a new direction, for those of you who may have need of her services:

From an early age, I have been a voracious reader, words and grammar have always come easy to me, and I believe all of that was advantageous in my schooling and ultimately my chosen career.

I have a BS degree in English with a minor in journalism from California State University, Fresno. That segued very nicely into my decision to become a court reporter. In court reporting school, along with learning the steno machine, we also completed classes in English, vocabulary, medical terminology, procedural law, and a few others, all of which were never very difficult for me after my previous college years.

In my professional career I reported sworn testimony stenographically, transcribed and edited said testimony, proofread the transcripts, and then made necessary corrections to produce a final product for our attorney clients. I've learned to not only pinpoint punctuation and grammatical errors in a transcript, but consistency mistakes as well.

I believe it would be advantageous to you, as an author, to use my very competent and efficient proofreading skills. Utilizing a proofreader gives an author extra time for more important things. like writing!

If you are interested in my offer, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will answer any questions you have and we can discuss the process in-depth if you wish. If you do not require this type of service at present but know of a colleague who might, please forward my letter and information to them, if you so desire, with my permission and heartfelt thanks.

Sandra Marlow
Aka Sandy M on the Internet


  1. Oh' glad I saw this post. I've been looking for proofreading service like this. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. My pleasure. I see you have shared another link for services, and although I have no experience with them and cannot personally recommend, I appreciate you passing along the info.