Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Fire Lord's Lover at BookExpo America

My agent took these photos at BookExpo America, the largest event for industry professionals in the country. This is my editor, Deb Werksman, next to a display for THE FIRE LORD'S LOVER. Note that the cover has changed a wee bit. I wish I could have been there, and hope very much to attend next year to sign my books.

My fellow Book Cents Literary Agency authors, modeling the poster for me: Michelle Madow & Colby Marshall. Christine Witthohn fosters a supportive group within her agency (yes, she's fabulous like that) and I couldn't have appreciated them more!

My publisher also previewed the new cover for Beneath the Thirteen Moons, releasing December 2010. Ain't it fabulous?


  1. i can't wait for fire lord's lover to come out!! i just came from reading the excerpt. i wish i'd discovered it sooner so i can be one of the lucky ones to get an early copy it but alas i was too late and i must wait.

    love the cover of beneath the thirteen moons too!

  2. I'm glad you discovered me, Chelleyreads! Thanks so much for the lovely comment, and my very best wishes.