Thursday, February 11, 2010

More lovely reviews for MY UNFAIR LADY...

"MY UNFAIR LADY captivates from start to finish. Wonderful humor abounds as these unlikely pair encounter one another and Summer's enthusiastic energy breaks through all conventions. Sexy yet sweet, MY UNFAIR LADY is a romance for all those readers who cherish the magic of innocence as well as the logic of the passionate heart."

"I really enjoyed this book. It was a great love story about opposites attracting...I also loved the last chapter, I actually laughed out loud a few times."

"I give this book an awesome A, and rate this book mature for 18 and up. The few sex sense in this book are quite descriptive. But enough about way I think go read the book and see for yourself just how good the book is. Happy reading!"

Kathryne Kennedy will take you on a wonderful journey of make-over, love, and scorching romance.

"Neither Summer nor Monchester are cookie cutter protagonists. They both embrace their flaws, and in Summer's case, they tend to bite her in the butt...I enjoyed MY UNFAIR LADY and was firmly rooting for Monchester to win the day."

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