Saturday, February 13, 2010

2010 Chocolate Affaire Book Signing Photos

Every year my local RWA chapter, Valley of the Sun, sponsors a book signing in downtown Glendale, Arizona. The Chocolate Affaire provides a fabulous weekend of music, food, crafts, games, chocolate, and a chance to meet many local romance writers with an opportunity to purchase their books. Oh, and did I mention lots of chocolate?

The city of Glendale truly treats all the authors like royalty, and Cerreta's Candy always provides us with special treats (this year, a fabulous basket full of the most delicious chocolate in the world).

My favorite thing about the book signing is meeting readers, visiting with other writer friends, and meeting new ones. So here's a few photos of some wonderful friends I'd like to share from this amazing weekend:

From L to R: Lori Combs-Graves, Yours Truly, Carolyn Hughey (our fab organizer of the event) and Patti Turner. And yes, those are chocolate covered strawberries.

The lovely Donna Hatch & Vijaya Schartz.

Valerie Bosna, our fantastic VOS President.

Judi McCoy, ready to sign, and Tina Gerow aka Cassie Ryan.
On my left is Kelly Hanzlik, and on my right is Stacy writer friends!

In the red is Rebecca Boschee, and in the black is Abby Irish...more new friends!


  1. Cute!!! That was super fun and I can't wait to do it again next year!

  2. It was fun, wasn't it, Donna? The chocolate was great too. ;}