Thursday, June 25, 2009

Do you love fairies?

Then I have such a treat for you! While I'm recovering from surgery I've been working on some fun stuff for my readers, and have updated my e-store with new fairy logos. You can check out all the original artwork here:
(There's also a direct link from my website.)

Since this is advertising for me, I make no profit on the sales so the prices are very reasonable. I will be using my e-store for contest prizes and more, so stay tuned. And if you're an author, do you have an e-store for your readers? It's great fun and totally free! Click on the link in my store to start your very own. (One caution: check with your publisher before using your book cover artwork on any merchandise. Most publishers do not purchase the rights from the artist for this sort of venture.)


  1. What a great idea Katherine! I have loads of designs I've done for Teeshirts etc., which I've used for prizes, but I've never actually thought of using it them a webstore. Ilove your designs, they're absolutely beautiful!

    So glad you're on the road to recovery and able to use your'recovery' time so artistically.

    Take care and I hope you'll be fully rcovered very soon!

  2. Hi Hywela!
    I design them and my DH is the airbrush artist, so I'll pass along your kudos to him. :}
    Thanks so much for the good wishes...I'm getting there.
    And very glad you took the time to leave me such a nice comment.