Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Read BENEATH THE THIRTEEN MOONS over the holidays!

And see if you agree with these reviewers:

”First off, the world building in the book was incredible, amazing, fantastic. It was so good, I couldn't pick one word to describe it, so I had to use three.”

“With rapt attention not only to what was going on around the characters but also of their budding romantic relationship made me reluctant to put the book down to even sleep.”~Terra

“Ms. Kennedy has once again given readers characters and a story they’ve not read before. She definitely has the magic touch.”~Sandy M.

“This story has the aura of the epic science fiction classic, DUNE by Frank Herbert…”

“Beneath the Thirteen Moons is one part paranormal, one part magical, one part romance and one hundred percent delightful good reading!”

“This is the second book of hers that I have read now and once again her beautiful writing and superb world-building have captivated me. “~Anne

“With dazzling descriptions, nonstop action and searing romance, Kathryne Kennedy's Beneath The Thirteen Moons thrusts you headlong on a dangerous journey in an extraordinary world brimming with wonders and treachery.”

Ms. Kennedy has created one of the most detailed, fabulously rich cross genre stories I've read in a very long time.”~Lynda K. Scott

“If you like fantasy romance and unique worlds - give yourself a magical treat and read this story.”

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