Saturday, November 14, 2009

Updated Blog Tour for MY UNFAIR LADY: Win Free Books & Other Prizes

One blog has been dropped, and several added:

11/16 Writing Fiction: Which comes first, Plot or Character?
Cuckleburr Times

11/18 Why I write historical romance...or, why I love it!
The Burton Review

11/20 Where I compare the heroine of My Unfair Lady, Summer Wine Lee, to Eliza Doolittle of Pygmalion--with a dash of Annie Oakley.
Love Romance Passion

11/30 Author Interview!
Jenny Loves to Read

12/1 Virtual Book Tour! Runs through 12/7, with freebies, and a contest for a ‘three dancing women’ Marcasite Cameo Necklace! (See photo & description above.)
Night Owl Romance

12/2 Author Interview!

12/3 Top Ten Reasons Why My Hero is Irresistible.

12/4 My step-by-step guide to how I get inspiration for my writing.

12/7 Destination Truth: Researching the Historical Romance Novel, where I compare my research journey with my favorite TV show.

12/8 Interview with Summer Wine Lee, where I step back in time to interview my heroine.

12/9 My Chihuahuas: two of the sweetest little inspirations for a character in My Unfair Lady.
Books Like Breathing

12/10 My inspiration for My Unfair Lady, or, exploring the Cinderella complex.
Anna's Book Blog

12/30 Author Interview!
Much Cheaper Than Therapy


  1. Hi Kathryne,
    I just came from the Cuckleburr site and read your post. I enjoyed your post and loved your blurb. And the necklace is a beaut.
    Carol L.

  2. Wonderful, Carol! Thanks so much for letting me know. Make sure to stop by Night Owl Romance on Dec 1 to enter to win the necklace (no purchase is required). See you there!